Twist on Burritos


December 30, 2012

A late start to our day, but a necessary recovery from boarding at Kicking Horse yesterday. We decide to hit the 1a highway and take the scenic route towards Lake Louise. With every corner you turn, the mountains are breathtaking. One could never bore of living in Alberta with sites such as these.
Johnston Canyon was a narrow passage to shimmering icicles at the end of a one and a half mile trek. A trek, I might add, that requires good footwear and the ability to slide down a trail while keeping your balance:) You wouldn’t want your partner blaming you for not bringing your ski poles!
As we continued along the highway, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep blocked our way but made for some great photo opportunities.
A stop near the Castle Mountain internment camp memorial is where we ate our pasta salad with tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. Had we been at home, the dressing would’ve been homemade but Renee’s Gourmet Balsamic Vinaigrette would have to suffice. If only it had a little salt, pepper, and garlic!
From there we nibbled on my favourite Brookside Acai chocolates and Greek yogurt covered strawberries. We take a few photographs of the amazing view and determine if we are worthy enough to one day stay at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise…and we are, one day:)
After an afternoon of galavanting around the 1a highway, we make our way back to Canmore where we decide to stay in at our wonderful lodge for a take on frozen Costco Burritos.
As I sit here and watch my boyfriend work his magic on the burritos, I can’t help but reflect on how wonderful this vacation is and how lovely our day was.
He adds a little cheese, salsa, and makes a salad for two. Not exactly what we would make if we were at home, but a great way to save on some cash!


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