Iron Goat Pub and Grill, Canmore, Alberta

After hitting the slopes in Lake Louise yesterday, and wreaking havoc on the body, today was a day of simplicity and using our two feet to get to our destination.

A drive just east of Canmore landed us at Grotto pond.  We parked the car and made our way to the Canyon.  It was a slippery, ice-covered creek surrounded by walls of rock that have transformed over time from various erosion processes. It truly is a beautiful sight to be seen!

At the end of the trail we found ice climbers on massive frozen icicles making their way up brittle crystals that have shades of blue peaking through. As we sit on a cold rock observing their every move, I get a basic lesson on ice climbing from my partner.

We slide our way back to the trail, with a few slips and falls, followed by laughter and a little hand holding to savor our final moments in beautiful Alberta.

A few kilometres away, we find the Iron Goat Pub and Grill. Walking up the stairs to the entrance, we find gorgeous, massive doors that anyone would love to have on their home. It even sparks a discussion about what our doors should look like on our home!

The timbre framing and iron accents make the ambience inviting, especially after a hike in the mountains! Sitting in the main window looking at the Three Sisters Mountains truly makes one appreciate the moments.

We first order a drink. A Big Rock for the man that was smooth, nutty, and a great mountain beer on a cold day. A Reindeer Games hot chocolate was ordered for the woman. I must say the subtle addition of butterscotch schnapps and Bailey’s, along with whipped cream, was welcomed and highly recommended after a winter outing. I will add that to my hot chocolate repertoire for the cold nights back home.

The Iron Goat Prime Burger and Slow Smoked Brisket sandwich is what grabbed our taste buds after a few minutes of digesting the Goat’s lunch menu.

The brisket was satisfying but needed a few minor improvements. The flavoring of the meat was smoky with a coating of barbeque sauce that gave the meal some punch. Its downfall was the dryness of the meat so it didn’t provide that truly satisfying bite that you want when chowing down on a brisket sandwich. Nevertheless it was edible. The bread was flaky and looked like it came from a supermarket. It could’ve been drastically enhanced if they had opted for a baguette or even pretzel bread.

With each order we recieved the standard issued fries that, when dipped in ketchup, were exactly what one would expect for pub grub.

The burger faced the same bread dilemma but the juiciness of the beef tied with the dill pickle, mayo, lettuce, and tomato made for a good bite. The beef had a hint of pepper that also made it enjoyable.

The atmosphere, setting, and views made this a pub we would definitely revisit regularly when we are amongst the mountains of Canmore!