Home is Tough to Beat!

Having fallen deeply for a man who prides himself on quality and delicious foods (a self-declared foodie:), I have grown over the past 5 years to find that, on average, restaurants are too expensive for the quality of food we receive.  We often sit down at a meal downtown and can walk away feeling disappointed by the flavours or execution of our dishes at an overrated restaurant.

My boyfriend has shown me a perspective to food that I never knew existed.  He has taught me how to appreciate the flavours of food and even how to cook fantastic food on my own.  Even the simplicity of sharing the kitchen space while working together to build a meal that we savour has become the highlight of my evenings.. with a glass of wine of course.  I am forever grateful and love our many meal-time discussions about food.  I will say that I am definitely not a self-declared foodie, but am working really hard at becoming one.

This brings me to why I am writing this brief entry today.  Last night my boyfriend rummaged through the cupboards and literally made something out of nothing!  That nothing turned into Hyderabadi BiryIMG_4827ani with a spice that had me sweating, but in a really great way;)  The heat of the spiced chicken and its sauce with the cool yogurt cucumber and cilantro chutney to calm the taste buds was exactly what Sunday night should taste like – comforting, exciting and delicious.

I can remember not even fathoming the idea of putting something hot and spicy into my mouth before my boyfriend (BBF).  Now I consider my taste buds in training and I am working towards loving flavours that were once foreign to me!

We are constantly on the hunt for restaurants we will go to again and again.  Looking for that consistency and taste that resonates in our memories.  Until then, we shall delve into the amazing meals we make here at home.  Everything my boyfriend makes is scrumptious and I feel so privileged to be able to eat high end food from the comfort of my own home!